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Neuromuscular Performance Therapy – NPT

NPT is a soft tissue modality designed by Melin Threadgill with a three pronged approach.

Restriction Release

The body heals well from injury when block neurological pathways are released in the surrounding tissue. This allows for proper blood flow to the injured area as well as realignment of the body as a whole. NPT is an intense therapy that works to release adhesions, scar tissue, and misplaced muscle so tissues may return to their natural state thus encouraging healing.

Muscle Activation

Once soft tissue is free of restrictions, the muscle being released needs to be activated. In many cases our slow twitch muscles are sorely underdeveloped leading to imbalances in body’s kenetic chain. Muscle activation gets these smaller muscles moving again so clients use the proper muscles for the particular function they are trying to perform.

Mobility Training

The third piece of to an NPT session is a focus on getting the body to move fluidly. After muscle activation has occurred, the body needs a continual reminder on how to move in order to encourage its new state restriction free state. Thus, this session ends with a little homework – mobility exercises. These exercises are crucial in keeping the body moving in a positive direction towards continued healing and injury prevention.

CrossFit Coaching

When taught with perfect form and at the right intensity for each individual’s personal goals and body composition, CrossFit is an amazingly effective training modality. CrossFit is an intense, functional training program that will challenge and encourage you to do things that you may have never thought possible. With proper individualized instruction, CrossFit is perfect for folks of all ages, physical abilities and body types. The results from a CrossFit regimen are impressive both physically and mentally.

Performance Mechanics

Learn to perform all sports related activities with good form for longevity and injury prevention. Learn the mechanics of using the proper muscle groups to get the most speed, power and force from your throwing, jumping, running, etc.

Melin's Bio


Melin began his career in clinical bodywork modalities 7 years ago while earning his diploma at the Soma Institute for Clinical Massage Therapy in Chicago Illinois. He soon specialized in sports related therapy and for the past 5 years has helped over 100 NBA and NFL athletes regain mobility and rehab new and old injuries.

In 2009 Melin opened Neuromuscular Performance Therapy, Inc. (NPT) with a twofold goal of not only providing bodywork services for professional athletes, but bringing these services to underserved youth in Chicago Public Schools. For the past 2 years Melin has put in over 500 hours of pro-​bono NPT services with inner city youth athletes. He is currently a volunteer body worker with the Chicago White Sox Travel Ball Youth Group and the Sandlot Foundation, and the Mac Irvin Fire, AAU-​Nike Travel Ball Circuit.

This past year Melin has added personal training to his repertoire by completing the CrossFit level 1 coaching program. His goal is to help significantly develop young athletes into injury free, functionally fit adult athletes using training techniques and NPT.

In the coming year and his team at NPT are working to open the doors of their new foundation D-​Box. D-​Box will provided athletic training and bodywork therapy to underserved youth athletes in the Chicago area.

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